Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The last class is wrapped...

...but the project will continue, in some form, next semester. There's too much to explore to leave it alone, so I'll be doing a Directed Study in Art on The Book of Hours...including further development of the creative portion (the pages.)


12/17/2007: A special shout-out to all those folks who've come here courtesy of Rachel Barenblat! Thanks so much for your visit, and for honoring my efforts (most recently the effort of trying to get gold leaf out of my eyebrows) with your kind attention.


If you're visiting from my Liberal Arts Perspectives class, I sure hope you'll leave a comment! Even if you're not a "member" of Blogger, you can leave an anonymous comment and share your contact info, so I can ping back.

My to-do's:
* Finish my transcription of Francis Raffalovich's interview so I can develop his prototype pages.
* Get high-quality image files made of the Shelly Lowenkopf and Rachel Barenblat prototype pages (I'm tired of these dim yellow snapshots.)
* Explore some of the questions that arose while working through the project (you can find the Whole Big Paper, with questions aplenty, here.)
* Determine what to do with the physical prototype pages created to date.
* Post the reference pics and interviews (assuming I have permission.)


am said...

Thanks for the chance to read the Whole Big Paper about the process of creating A NEW BOOK OF HOURS. The sun has not yet risen here in Northwest Washington State. When I woke up at 4 a.m. it was during the hours beginning with Lauds and now, close to 8 a.m., I'm in the hours beginning with Prime. I love what you are doing with the idea of a book of hours.

In your paper, I especially liked:

". . . . my experience of art is that of a meaning-making series of decisions where the outcome is unknown and the work itself teaches the creator."


"Working on this project has been akin to looking out of the corner of one’s eye, catching a glimpse of what seemed peripheral and marginal, and discovering what had been peripheral was central after all."

Congratulations on completing your first semester! I look forward to seeing more of this process.

rbarenblat said...

Permission to post photos and interview absolutely granted! :-)